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Backflow Testing

Let Andersen Plumbing be your one-stop for all your backflow system needs. The state of Illinois requires annual tests to check that your residential or commercial water supply is up to local and federal standards. This means that a properly-functioning device which keeps water safe from contaminants such as weed killers and fertilizers, is crucial. As impurities seep into your system, pipe pressure decreases, resulting in bad-tasting and potentially harmful tap water. Nobody wants that to happen.

Regular inspections and calibration of your backflow system is essential to comply with the standards of The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We will come out to your home, test your device, and mail out the results to the proper authority to check and see if your drinking water is safe. We understand how important your family’s safety is to you. As a locally-owned company, Andersen Plumbing knows that having safe water to drink is not only required by the law, but is also needed to protect your home and loved ones.

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