Each time you flush a toilet, you activate a series of parts that remove waste and make room for clean water.

The toilet fill valve is an essential part of this process. Here’s what you need to know about this component and its regular functions.

Toilet Fill Valve in Aurora, IL

What’s a Toilet Fill Valve?

Your toilet fill valve consists of several connected parts that work to control the amount of water inside the tank. The fill valve uses a floater or pressure sensor to measure and respond to any change in the water level.

After you flush a toilet, the water is pulled from the tank into the bowl. As the water is moved, the floater begins to sink. This activates the toilet fill valve, which stays open until the water level reaches its necessary level.

As long as your water supply line is open, this process ensures your toilet has clean water.

Potential Issues

You need a properly maintained fill valve to ensure that it is constantly supplying clean water. You may need a replacement if you notice any odd humming noises coming from the tank. This can indicate that some metal components have worn down or have become loose, obstructing the water flow. If you notice your toilet is constantly running, you may be dealing with an outdated or leaking fill valve.

While you can replace your fill valve by yourself, it’s better to rely on a professional who can expertly service your toilet. A plumber will determine if the appliance is struggling with any other old components that may be driving up your water bill.

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