Sump Pump Repair in Aurora, ILSump pumps are essential for a moisture-free basement. Because primary pumps are powered by your home’s electricity, they often fail when you need them most. This can be detrimental during a heavy storm.

    When you experience a power outage, your primary sump pump stops functioning. Your drainage system continues to collect water but cannot pump it away from your foundation. In other cases, your primary pump cannot keep up with the demanding water flow. Both instances cause water to overflow into your basement and can result in serious damage to your home’s structural integrity.

    Prevent sump pump failures with a battery backup system from Andersen Plumbing & Heating. This emergency backup system provides another layer of protection. We recommend an emergency battery backup system to keep your home protected. It’s a wise investment that can save your family thousands of dollars on foundation repairs and cleanup.

    Battery Back Up Installation

    Think of this emergency system as a second sump pump that is installed next to your primary electric pump. It provides hours of additional protection from water damage. If your primary sump pump fails, this secondary sump pump picks up the slack. In the case of a power outage or primary pump failure, the backup pump will automatically turn on and provide protection until the primary pump is restored.

    Andersen Plumbing & Heating installs the highest quality sump pumps and battery backup systems available in the industry. Our experienced technicians are ready to install a battery backup system to keep your family safe from flooding.

    Slab Leak Repair in Aurora, IL

    You will have peace of mind knowing your home is safeguarded from water damage with two layers of protection.

    Causes of Primary Pump Failure
    • Power Outages
    • Obstructed Float Switch Control
    • Clogged with Debris
    • Mechanical Problems
    • Major Water Intake Melting Snow