Clean drinking water is one of the most important human necessities. However, if your home is old and the water infrastructure around you is not well-maintained, your water quality may decrease. Here are three reasons why your home’s water may be of lower quality.

1. Runoff

When there is a lot of rain falling on your area at one time, the ground becomes so saturated that the precipitation has nothing to do but runoff over the ground and into rivers. Along the way, the fast-moving water can accumulate a lot of dirt and chemicals from agriculture. Sometimes, this runoff water can seep into and pollute your home’s water supply, resulting in brown water coming out of your taps that is unsafe to drink.

2. Pollution

Besides pollution seeping into your water supply from runoff, chemicals and oil could get in through storm drains and other methods of drainage. If industrial plants dump a lot of pollutants into the local drainage system, the contamination can reach the aquifers and hydrological systems that pump water to the whole community. Oil and chemical contamination in drinking water can be highly dangerous, so communities should keep a tight watch on water quality near industrial areas.

3. Dirty Water Heaters

The previous water issues happen on more of a community level, but if your home’s water heater is not flushed out and cleaned regularly, your home could face isolated decreased water quality. Over the course of a year, sediment and bacteria can slowly build up in your water heater. They can discolor your water and make it less healthy to drink. To avoid this situation in your home, be sure to drain and clean your water heater on a yearly basis to keep the sediment and bacteria from accumulating.

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