It’s about the time of year when everyone around northeastern Illinois is starting to use their air conditioner. Do these four things before switching the thermostat to make sure your system is ready to keep your home cool all summer long.

1. Change Your Filter

Start by changing your system’s air filter if you have a central handler or washing it if you have a ductless system. A neglected air filter restricts airflow through the system, which reduces the amount of heat it can transfer. The end result is twofold: it increases the cost to cool your home, and it increases the wear on your system, leading to more repairs and shorter service life.

2. Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

Next, go to your outside unit and clear any debris from on and around the unit. The outside unit must be able to circulate sufficient air to vent the heat it absorbed from the inside. You should make sure at least 2 feet’s worth of space on all sides of the unit are free of brush, grass, and weeds and 5 feet above it of clear space for effective venting.

3. Check Ducts

Make sure all of your ducts are open so that your system can properly circulate air throughout your home. Also, make sure that each vent has at least a 2-inch clearance above and around it. Vent guards help to ensure it has the right clearance above it, especially if you have anything sitting over the vent.

4. Schedule Spring Maintenance

Finally, schedule your spring maintenance with your trusted HVAC service provider. Annual AC maintenance helps maintain your system’s efficiency, reduce system wear, extend the unit’s life, and keep your factory warranty valid.

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