There’s no hard and fast rule for choosing furnace filters. Your furnace manufacturer may suggest guidelines that should be considered and adjusted according to your household needs. When determining your ideal filter, consider these important tips and guidelines.

Efficiency Rating

Furnace filters often come with a minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) rating between 1 to 20. This rating describes how effective the filter will be at blocking certain contaminants and particulates from entering the furnace. Residential homes often use filters with a MERV rating between 8 and 12 to block dust, hair, mites and dander from causing allergic reactions and lowering the air quality.

Household Needs

You may need thicker filters based on your family’s health needs. Filters between 1 to 2 inches usually need to be replaced about every month and can miss smaller particulates that activate allergies. If you want higher air quality to protect vulnerable members of your family, consider thicker filters above 3 inches. These filters can be changed a few times a year and remove more particulates from the air.

Professional Guidance

If you’re not sure where to shop for filters or want expert insight on the best choices for your household, contact a professional technician for insider advice. Technicians give excellent brand options and find the perfect MERV rating for your specific needs. You can even explore reusable options like electrostatic filters that last up to five years.

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