PEX piping first became popular in the 1980s as an alternative to copper and polyvinyl chloride piping. PEX piping was inexpensive and easy to install, so many homes opted for it without realizing its many downsides. Here’s why you should consider replacing your PEX piping and finding a safer option.

Chemical Contamination

PEX piping is made from cross-linked polyethylene, which is incredibly vulnerable to chlorine. Chlorination will drastically shorten the piping’s lifespan by wearing down its durability. This process can cause water leaks and even burst pipes. PEX piping is often installed in dark places like your basement, where your home’s foundation and HVAC system could be at risk.

Rodent Issues

PEX piping can easily be damaged and invaded by pests and rodents. A rodent will chew through your piping and cause leaks and water contamination. This increases your risk of dealing with a bacteria outbreak that puts your household’s health in danger. Unlike PEX piping, copper can easily withstand rodents and other outside forces.

Diminished Water Quality

One of the biggest reasons to avoid PEX piping is because of its effect on your drinking water. PEX piping can alter the taste and smell of the water in your home. Your water quality may worsen to the point where you need to replace all of your piping. The best way to minimize issues with your plumbing is to use sturdy and reputable piping materials.

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