Plumbing inspections can be beneficial since they may alert homeowners to problems. A standard recommendation for plumbing inspections is every two years when the plumbing is new. An annual review may be better for older homes with equally older plumbing. Requesting inspections every time minor plumbing work gets done likely wouldn’t hurt. Such assessments could cover a range of items.

A Thorough Examination

A plumbing inspection should involve a thorough check of all the plumbing system components, including the sinks, showers, toilets, and more. A plumber may determine whether everything works properly or if a problem requires attention. For example, the plumber could note that the water pressure is low or that a sink drains too slowly.

The plumber will likely check all the pipes and drains to see if there’s corrosion and if the connected valves work properly. A plumber may look at certain electrical and gas components, too.

Leaks Inspections

Old plumbing may suffer from leaks. Of course, so might newer plumbing. Regardless, leaks cause waste and might lead to costly damage and repairs if not addressed. A plumbing inspection could uncover a hidden leak that requires immediate attention.

Exterior Plumbing

The plumbing system extends outside the home, and a plumber could check outside faucets and drains. The inspection might determine whether there are any issues with the shut-off valve.

Sewer Lines

Examining the sewer line may reveal it needs cleaning or a clog removed. A plumber has the tools to break apart obstructions that cause clogs.

Water Heater Issues

A home won’t have hot water if the hot water heater doesn’t work. Inspecting the water heater allows a plumber to provide insight into whether the hot water heater requires repairs or replacement.

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